Dancing at Dawn on May 1st in Totnes Castle

dancing at dawn, Totnes Castle, 1 May

Just as the sun was rising on Thursday 1st May 2019 at about 5:40am, Dartington Morris Men once again danced at Totnes Castle. As usual, we were delighted to have an audience of local families.

In common with a number of Morris dance teams elsewhere in the UK, we dance at dawn on May Day each year to mark the beginning of our summer dance programme. 

We love to dance the sun up at various lovely spots across South Devon, and this year we chose once again to dance in Totnes Castle, one of our favourite spots for May Day (with the permission of English Heritage).

For further details, please bagman [at] dartingtonmorrismen.org.uk (subject: DMM%20enquiry%20via%20website) (contact the Bagman).