For general enquiries, please contact the Bagman, who is our club secretary.

To contact specific individuals, please use the details shown below. It's usually most reliable and convenient to us if you use email. 


Bagman: Martin Jones

Email: bag [at] (subject: Contact%20via%20DM%20website) (Bagman)

Dan Shearer

Squire: Joe Vincent

Email: squire [at] (subject: Contact%20via%20DM%20website) (Squire)

Foreman: Stephen Holley

Email: foreman [at] (subject: Contact%20via%20DM%20website) (Foreman)

Treasurer: Robin Wells

Email: treasurer [at] (subject: Contact%20message%20via%20the%20DM%20website) (Treasurer)

Webmaster: Martin Jones

Email: webmaster [at] (subject: Contact%20via%20DM%20website) (Webmaster)